Commit 6f2afad4 authored by Claudio Scafuri's avatar Claudio Scafuri 💬
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script to set SR helperApplication property

parent 6306b1d0
# fix helper application on a server/class
from tango import *
appname = 'FourUHV-gui' #change!
#get tango Databse
db = Database()
# get list of devicese form server/instance
for instance in instances:
devlistraw = db.get_device_class_list(instance).value_string
idx = 0
devlist =[]
while idx < len(devlistraw) - 2: # even indexes contains name of device, odd indexs name of class. last couple is for dserver
idx +=2
for devname in devlist:
if devname.find('sippwr') > 0:
dev = DeviceProxy(devname)
pp = DbDatum('helperApplication')
fullappname = appname + ' ' + devname
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