Commit 2e513087 authored by Milan Prica's avatar Milan Prica

As currently deployed at FERMI.

NAME = smaractmcs2-srv
DIRNAME = $(NAME:-srv=)
PY_FILES += $(wildcard src/*.py)
default: bin ${PY_FILES}
@cp ${PY_FILES} bin/${DIRNAME}
@echo "#!/usr/bin/env python\nimport sys\nsys.path.append(sys.path[0]+'/${DIRNAME}')\nfrom ${MODNAME} import main\nif __name__ == '__main__':\n main()\n" > bin/${NAME}
@chmod +x bin/${NAME} bin/${DIRNAME}/${MAIN}
@test -d $@ || mkdir -p $@/${DIRNAME}
@rm -fr bin/ src/*~
.PHONY: clean
# SmarAct MCS2 Tango device server.
The device server controls both the positioners with an encoder (sensor)
and those without an encoder (sensorless). Various device attributes
are enabled/disabled accordingly.
A MCS2 controller can control simultaneously positioners of both types.
Typical installation consists of a socket-srv device server connected to the
controller and an instance of the Smaract device server per positioner.
Symbolic link to the Python file should be created in the deployment
directory named smaractmcs2-srv.
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