Commit b957f496 authored by Giacomo Strangolino's avatar Giacomo Strangolino
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fatal error in red

parent 252d32e2
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ void CaActivityHub::onResult(const CuData &data)
bool xit = data["exit"].toBool(), err = data["err"].toBool();
if(err) {
if(xit) perr("ca-activity-hub: \e[1;37;41mfatal error: \e[1;31m%s\e[0m", vtoc2(data, "msg"));
if(xit) perr("ca-activity-hub: \e[1;37;41mfatal error\e[0m: \e[1;31m%s\e[0m", vtoc2(data, "msg"));
else d->log.write("ca-activity-hub", CuLog::Error, CuLog::Generic, "%s", vtoc2(data, "msg"));
if(!xit) {
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