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Added the image_str attribute, spectrum of uchar containing the image data in...

Added the image_str attribute, spectrum of uchar containing the image data in the original format (RGB,etc.)
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......@@ -397,6 +397,14 @@
<status abstract="false" inherited="false" concrete="true" concreteHere="true"/>
<properties description="Size of the pixel in meter" label="Pixel size:x_size, y_size" unit="meter" standardUnit="meter" displayUnit="meter" format="%f" maxValue="Not specified" minValue="Not specified" maxAlarm="Not specified" minAlarm="Not specified"/>
<attributes name="image_str" attType="Spectrum" rwType="READ" displayLevel="OPERATOR" polledPeriod="0" maxX="10000000" maxY="" allocReadMember="true" isDynamic="false">
<dataType xsi:type="pogoDsl:UCharType"/>
<changeEvent fire="false" libCheckCriteria="false"/>
<archiveEvent fire="false" libCheckCriteria="false"/>
<dataReadyEvent fire="false" libCheckCriteria="true"/>
<status abstract="false" inherited="false" concrete="true" concreteHere="true"/>
<properties description="" label="" unit="" standardUnit="" displayUnit="" format="" maxValue="" minValue="" maxAlarm="" minAlarm="" maxWarning="" minWarning="" deltaTime="" deltaValue=""/>
<attributes name="image" attType="Image" rwType="READ" displayLevel="OPERATOR" polledPeriod="0" maxX="3000" maxY="3000" allocReadMember="true" isDynamic="false">
<dataType xsi:type="pogoDsl:IntType"/>
<changeEvent fire="false" libCheckCriteria="false"/>
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