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The **OnePanel** is a single panel for all motors in a beamline (if a specific
motor type is supported) and configured with a beamline specific ini file.
Config files are in the bl_conf folder. Its main purpose is to provide a
very lightweight GUI for remote connections.
lightweight GUI for remote connections.
There is a specific panel for a number of positioners:
* Galil Axis
* New Focus
* Pico motor
* SmarAct (MCS)
* SmarAct MCS2
* SmarAct MCS2 - NoEncoder.
There is a specific Taurus panel for a number of positioners.
(Tango device server, Taurus panel)
* Galil Axis (axisg2-srv,
* SmarAct MCS with encoder (smaractmcs-srv,
* SmarAct MCS without encoder (smaractmcs_ne-srv,
* SmarAct MCS2 with encoder (smaractmcs2-srv,
* SmarAct MCS2 without encoder (smaractmcs2-srv,
* New Focus Pico Axis (NewFocusPicoAxis,
* PI piezo motors (PiezoPiE871,
Motor panels all take a tango device (some/tango/device) as input parameter.
They may be used indipendently of the OnePanel.
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