Commit 3960cd67 authored by Milan Prica's avatar Milan Prica

As currently deployed at FERMI.

NAME = iris-srv
DIRNAME = $(NAME:-srv=)
PY_FILES += $(wildcard src/*.py)
default: bin ${PY_FILES}
@cp ${PY_FILES} bin/${DIRNAME}
@echo "#!/usr/bin/env python\nimport sys\nsys.path.append(sys.path[0]+'/${DIRNAME}')\nfrom ${MODNAME} import main\nif __name__ == '__main__':\n main()\n" > bin/${NAME}
@chmod +x bin/${NAME} bin/${DIRNAME}/${MAIN}
@test -d $@ || mkdir -p $@/${DIRNAME}
@rm -fr bin/ src/*~
.PHONY: clean
# Iris diaphragm Tango device server.
The device server controls the iris aperture and runs on top of a smaract positioner. Allows for simple commands like open and close and translates
the movements of the motors into aperture value.
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