Commit 336cafcf authored by Claudio Scafuri's avatar Claudio Scafuri 💬
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commented out old alarm panels

parent c3f49800
......@@ -12,17 +12,17 @@
<description>Elettra and Booster Access Control. Background on ca-booster, normal window on other workstations.</description>
<element exename="alarm-ng-gui --device-list-prop DeviceListSr --sound-file-name /runtime/share/sounds/alarmelettra.wav" executable="yes" >
<title>Alarm - NG (test)</title>
<title>Alarm - NG</title>
<description>New Storage Ring Alarm</description>
<element exename="" executable="yes" >
<!--<element exename="" executable="yes" >
<title>Alarm (legacy)</title>
<description>Storage Ring Alarm</description>
<element exename="simplealarmmonitor storage_ring/alarm/1" executable="yes" >
<title>Alarm View monitor</title>
<description>Alarm View monitor</description>
<folder folded="yes">
<title>ACCELERATOR TOOLS</title>
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