Commit 7917df18 authored by Claudio Scafuri's avatar Claudio Scafuri 💬
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commented out interlockhistory

parent 944f36fe
......@@ -1281,10 +1281,10 @@
<description>scw quench protector</description>
<element exename="interlockhistory" executable="yes" >
<!--<element exename="interlockhistory" executable="yes" >
<title>Elettra Interlock Database History</title>
<description>Elettra interlock history from database</description>
<element exename="interlockbpm" executable="yes" >
<title>BPM S11.2 &amp; SCW interlock</title>
<description>Enable/Disable BPM S11.2 &amp; SCW interlock </description>
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