Commit 9ce6adaa authored by Giacomo Strangolino's avatar Giacomo Strangolino

added seqlauncher SuperList

parent f1e06b2b
......@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@
<description>Alarm View monitor</description>
<folder folded="yes">
<title>ACCELERATOR TOOLS</title>
<title>ACCELERATOR TOOLS</title>
<folder folded="yes" envpath="/home/elettra/hls/bin" exename="" executable="no" treeColor="#82E0FF" >
<title>MACHINE PHYSICS</title>
......@@ -54,6 +55,12 @@
<folder folded="yes" treeColor="#FF89E0">
<!-- seqlauncher -->
<element exename="seqlauncher-gui --load SuperList -title &quot;Sequencer Launcher - SuperList&quot;" executable="yes" >
<title>Sequencer Launcher</title>
<description>Sequencer Launcher</description>
<!-- end seqlauncher - sequencers follow -->
<element exename="sequencer --load=IDList -title &quot;IDs: Open/Close - Enable/Disable&quot; --font-scale=1.3 --decoration-color=FFFF35" executable="yes" >
<title>IDs: Open/Close - Enable/Disable</title>
<description> Sequencer - IDs Open/Close - Enable/Disable</description>
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