Commit e2e7c519 authored by Giacomo Strangolino's avatar Giacomo Strangolino
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added alarm counter alongside tab text

parent ea6edd37
......@@ -160,9 +160,9 @@ void Alarm::refresh(const CuData &da) {
if(filtering && ui->cBDynamic->isChecked())
QString tn = "Alarm [%1]";
if(att == "alarm") ui->tabWidget->setTabText(0, tn.arg(tw->countAlarmed()));
else ui->tabWidget->setTabText(1, tn.arg(tw->countAll()));
QString tn = "%1 [%2]";
if(att == "alarm") ui->tabWidget->setTabText(0, tn.arg("Alarm").arg(tw->countAlarmed()));
else ui->tabWidget->setTabText(1, tn.arg("Disabled Alarms").arg(tw->countAll()));
void Alarm::onDevList(const CuData &da) {
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