Commit 178745e9 authored by Claudio Scafuri's avatar Claudio Scafuri 💬
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#14733: add CPA movers panel

parent 3f934cf2
......@@ -176,6 +176,17 @@
<title>POS.02: YAG</title>
<!--CPA (Compressor and Pulse Analyzer)-->
<folder folded="yes" envpath="/runtime/bin">
<title>CPA (Compressor and Pulse Analyzer)</title>
<element exename="mover-gui -u -e pos/movers/p_g1_cpa_pos.01 pos/movers/x_g1_cpa_pos.01 pos/movers/p_g2_cpa_pos.01 pos/movers/x_g2_cpa_pos.01 pos/movers/p_m1_cpa_pos.01 pos/movers/x_m1_cpa_pos.01 pos/movers/p_m2_cpa_pos.01 pos/movers/x_m2_cpa_pos.01 -title CPA" executable="yes">
<title>movers CPA</title>
<element exename="gigecam-gui pos/diagnostics/ccd_pos.02 ccd_pos.02 -title &quot;CCD POS.02&quot;" executable="yes">
<title>CCD POS.02</title>
<description>ccd_pos.02 ccd_pos.02 </description>
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