Commit 55ae3f01 authored by Lucio Zambon's avatar Lucio Zambon
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add Laser Pointer Feedback Delay ACDC

parent 962e2bbe
......@@ -1678,6 +1678,11 @@
<folder folded="yes" envpath="/runtime/bin">
<description>acdc feedback panels</description>
<element exename="laserpointerfbdelayacdc-gui pos_tmr/interlock/laser_pointer.01 &quot;Laser Pointer Feedback Delay ACDC&quot;" executable="yes">
<title>Laser Pointer Feedback Delay ACDC</title>
<description>Laser Pointer Feedback Delay ACDC</description>
<element exename="mimo-fb-gui fb/pos/acdc_pos.01 -title &quot;ACDC Pointing feedback (mimofb)&quot; " executable="yes">
<title>ACDC Pointing feedback</title>
<description>mimofb panel for acdc_pos.01 </description>
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