Commit 61c66446 authored by Claudio Scafuri's avatar Claudio Scafuri 💬
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#11620 : add tiptilt870 per pos_tmx/piezo/pz_mrc_pos_tmx_01

parent df2d639d
......@@ -1945,6 +1945,12 @@
<title>TIMEX Pitch,Roll,Yaw,Transverse</title>
<element exename="tiptilt870 pos_tmx/piezo/pz_mrc_pos_tmx_01 -title &quot;TIMEX Ellipsoidal YAW&quot;" executable="yes">
<title>TIMEX Ellipsoidal YAW</title>
<description>pz_mrc_pos_tmx_01 </description>
<element exename="galilselector pos/mover1d/y_mrc_pos_tmx.01 -title &quot;TIMEX Switching Ellipsoidal/Plane mirror&quot;" executable="yes">
<title>TIMEX Switching: Ellipsoidal/Plane mirror</title>
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